Why should I use a private jet broker when I can book directly with an operator?

Booking via a broker can be cost-effective and safer. If you book directly through an operator, you’ll pay retail pricing. You’ll also be charged markups on extras that are added by the operator, and they’ll only give you quotes on aircraft within their own fleet, which hampers your options.

Once you pay an operator, your funds are locked up with them. There could be an issue with the aircraft – a mechanical fault, for example – and at that stage, the client would have very few options. Will the operator have another aircraft? Will they attempt to solve your problem?

The client may be stuck in such a scenario. They may be forced to find and book another aircraft and pay for it themselves with fresh funds. All of this costs time and money. Not only that, but they’ll later have to chase the original operator for a refund, a process that doesn’t always go smoothly.

If you book via a broker, they hold the funds. The operator is paid via credit card. A good broker will also have a backup aircraft in place for every booking, so if there’s a problem, you simply switch to the backup. This means you can often leave on time without having to chase operators for a new plane.

So, brokering a jet has safety and price advantages over booking through an operator?

Yes. Your broker does a lot of the heavy lifting. They check that the operator has a third-party auditor to check the maintenance records. They can also check the flight hours, pilot experience, and more, allowing them to vet the top aircraft and safest crews.

This last point is very important when hiring a jet. Typically, you won’t personally know much about the crew. Having a broker vet the crew allows you to feel safe and secure.

It’s also a more cost-effective way to recruit your jet. PBJ’s brokers get an automatic 5% discount, which we then pass on to our clients. So, if an operator quotes the same price to a client and a broker, it’s actually better to go via the broker who gets that discount – especially when you factor in all the great safety and convenience benefits for a seamless experience.

The 5% discount isn’t the only financial perk of using a broker. They can also cut out additional costs that operators may include. With access to a wider number of aircraft, the broker can achieve a lower starting price than the client would receive from the operator.

Positioning is another big factor. A broker can find the closest aircraft to you and recommend it, whereas an operator can only operate from their fleet. If the aircraft needs to be moved from its location to you, this may mean significant repositioning costs.

An experienced broker will have built up many relationships with companies and aviation experts, which gives them access to a wide network of options. This means more options for you, which is very beneficial in creating a bespoke experience – and experience is the key word. Private jet chartering isn’t about the bare minimum, it’s about enjoying the best flying experience possible.

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