Is it beneficial to use multiple private jet charter brokers?

The short answer is no. Some people believe that the brokers will compete against each other, resulting in a lower price. This is incorrect; operators control the price of the trip, not brokers. Every broker who approaches an operator will receive the same price.

In fact, placing brokers in competition with each other may even place the customer at a significant disadvantage. If an operator receives a series of similar requests from multiple brokers, they’ll see that the route is popular and will then be far less willing to negotiate on price; in fact, they may actively increase the price for each additional call they receive – not out of malice, but simply in response to the rules of supply and demand.

It is a better idea to have one exclusive broker. At Paramount Business Jets, we receive at least a 5% discount from operators that we then pass on directly to our clients. Operators know that we do this, and it gives them confidence that we can win the trip.

PBJ also offers transparent, wholesale pricing plus a fixed management fee for our Jet Card members, which also includes broker discounts. For example, clients who sign up for the Black Card membership pay a fixed 10% management fee on any trip. This means the broker can represent the client with exclusivity and negotiate the best prices on their behalf. The broker fee is also itemized separately, adding to this transparency.

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