What are the benefits of using a private jet charter broker?

Using a private jet charter is like having a private aviation assistant. They learn about your preferences, needs, and family, ensuring a bespoke travel experience. They’ll also track your flight and take care of the little details. For example, they can ensure the aircraft is in position and has enough fuel, and they can check the catering for you and arrange to have someone help with your bags.

Brokers also give you access to more aircraft at better prices, often at a discount of at least 5%. At PBJ, we pass these savings on to the client. Experienced brokers are also able to spot potential overcharging, and they can leverage this knowledge to negotiate a lower price.

Brokers have a higher purchasing power than individuals because they make multiple purchases. This gives them more power to negotiate a lower price for the client.

If there’s a mechanical issue with the aircraft, a broker could save the day. Individuals who book aircraft themselves may be left in a difficult position if an issue arises, as their money will be with the operator. This can mean lengthy delays and a struggle to find a new aircraft – and, to pay for it – whereas a broker can handle the aftermath and chase a refund from the original operator. In short, the client’s money is safer with an experienced charter broker.

Aircraft crew also need to be properly vetted. An experienced broker will know what to ask and how to evaluate reports to ensure they meet high standards for safety and professionalism. They can also help you further with booking a hotel, arranging tickets to shows, arranging car rentals and more. These services may come at an additional cost, but can also add convenience.

Although a broker can be of great assistance, passengers need to pick the right one to get the maximum benefit. PBJ has no contracts or agreements with operators, which means they only have clients’ interests in mind.

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