Charter Flight Cost Calculator

About Our Charter Flight Cost Calculator

We've created a private jet charter cost calculator to provide you with a tool to use for quick charter estimates, in which we've considered all the important factors affecting the final price of a private jet flight.

Our calculator is designed to provide our clients with information related to their flight times between city or airport pairs, aircraft types, charter costs, and other information pertinent to the selected route.

Give it a shot! It’s easy and quick.

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How Does a Charter Flight Cost Calculator work?

Our charter flight cost calculator is a very easy-to-use tool that will provide you with the necessary information to calculate the private jet rental costs. Below we've listed a few simple steps that you need to follow before you know the estimated prices. Follow the instructions below:

1. Type departure and arrival destinations.
Note: You may enter ICAO or IATA airport codes, or city names to review the best airport private and commercial airport options. The most commonly chosen airports will be listed higher.

2. Review the distances and flight times using various size aircraft categories. Enter your contact information to view private jet charter estimates for all categories of aircraft.

3. If you feel the estimates are within range of your expectations, call us or email us and we will provide you a list of available aircraft options with exact pricing for you to choose from.

Questions? Call Us 24/7 at +1-877-727-2538 Ext. 1 or email us.

What Does The Flight Price Depend On?

The price of a private jet flight depends on the size of the aircraft. Bigger aircraft cost more to operate and maintain; therefore, the costs are higher to rent bigger planes.

Depending on whether the trip is a one-way flight or a round trip and how long you need to stay before you return can affect the price of a private jet trip.

Choosing a jet over a turboprop will increase the price. In addition, the cost of the crew salaries, insurance, hanger fees, and management fees will affect the hourly rates.

Key Benefits of Using a Charter Flight Cost Calculator

1. You can see the various aircraft categories and their prices for your trip.
2. You can calculate and review the time and distance for your specific route.
3. Even before talking to your consultant, you will know the approximate prices.
4. You will instantly know if the trip is within your budget or not.


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Testimonials – What Our Customers Say

Client satisfaction is one of the most essential factors for us. We want to provide our customers with services of the quality we expect ourselves. We proudly present what our customers say about charter flights with Paramount Business Jets.

You got that business because you were the quickest with feedback and follow up. I actually searched on at least half a dozen sites, but you were the first human being to react and persist.


Your company has a new fan! Super job, made my engagement, and the carrier was superb!


Yes, we are back in Gerona with my son. We enjoyed the flight. Nice crew, very kind Nina, and perfect food and drink. You're caring and following exceptional. Thank you. I will renew this experience with you.


Yes, all is wonderful! The trip was so smooth and great! The pilot and co-pilot were so nice! The food was great and the aircraft the perfect size.


Wow, Wow, OMG, thank you so much. It was out of this world. They had so much fun, we will do it again sometime this year. Cheers.


WOW What a plane, thought I was living large on a Hawker 800 instead of a 400 but you really raised the bar for me this time. Thank you so much. You now have ALL of my business.


The flight was great, and the crew was awesome. I will definitely reach out to you in the future for travel arrangements. Have a great week.


We had a great flight with Matthew and Daniel. I am very happy with Paramount and your service. I will definitely use it again.


The flight was flawless! The pilots were great and very professional. Thank you for making this happen.