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Private Jet to Albany, NY - Airports, Routes & Prices


Albany Private Jet Charter – Aircraft, Airports & Routes

Picturesque city parks. Rich colonial history. Exciting live outdoor concerts at Empire State Plaza. New York’s capital city has it all. Paramount Business Jets is ready to take you to Albany safely and in style.

With 16 airports within 50 miles of the Albany city center, you can easily travel there. Recommended airports for travel to or from Albany include the Albany International Airport (ALB) and Alexander Farm Airport (NY82), located within 10 miles of the city.

Types of aircraft that are most commonly used in the Albany area include light jets (the Beechjet 400 A, Citation CJ3, and Learjet 35A), midsize jets (Hawker 800 XP, IAI Astra, and Gulfstream G150), and large jets (the Challenger 601-3A/R, Gulfstream IV-SP, and Legacy 600).

To learn more about private jet and air charter flight services or to reserve a private aircraft to or from Albany, NY, please get in touch with us at +1-877-727-2538 Ext. 1 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable aviation charter specialists.

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Private Jet Pricing

How much does a private jet to Albany cost?

The cost of renting a private jet to travel in style to or from Albany will depend mainly on which aircraft you choose, how far you need to travel and the length of your stay.

For example, a private jet flight from Albany to Washington D.C., on a helicopter with four  passengers will cost about $5,500 USD each way. A private jet flight from Albany to Atlanta on a light jet with six passengers will cost about $13,500 USD each way. And, a private jet flight from Albany to Los Angeles on a large jet with 12 passengers will cost about $34,000 USD one way.

Here are a few more popular Albany routes with price estimates included.

To/From Location
Aircraft type
Turboprop Aircraft
Midsize Jets
Light Jets
Flight Time
Price One-Way
From $5,901 $10
From $12,802 $36
From $9,932 $58
The Hourly Rates are:

Here are the average hourly rental rates based on various aircraft categories. To get a quick Albany private flight price estimate use our instant cost calculator online.

  • Very Light Jet

    Very Light Jets Citation Mustang, Eclipse 550, Hondajet, Phenom 100 and similar

    From $2,200 per hour
  • Light Jet

    Light Jets Citation CJ3, Hawker 400XP, Learjet 40 and similar

    From $2,600 per hour
  • Super Light Jet

    Super Light Jets Learjet 75, Phenom 300 and similar

    From $3,000 per hour
  • Midsize Jet

    Midsize Jets Citation Excel, Hawker 800XP and similar

    From $3,200 per hour
  • Super Midsize Jet

    Super Midsize Jets Challenger 300, Citation X, Falcon 2000 and similar

    From $4,300 per hour
  • Large Jet

    Large Jets Challenger 650, Falcon 900LX, Legacy 650 and similar

    From $5,600 per hour
  • Ultra Long Range Jets Falcon 7X, Global 7500, Gulfstream G650 and similar

    From $8,000 per hour
  • VIP Airliner

    VIP Airliners Airbus ACJ320, Boeing Business Jet, Lineage 100 and similar

    From $16,000 per hour
  • Helicopter

    Helicopters AW139, Sikorsky S-76C and similar

    From $1,700 per hour

Note: Albany private jet charter prices increased by almost 20% from 2020 to 2022 due to COVID. The good news is in 2023, we are seeing gradual decreases in pricing to pre-COVID levels.

Albany Airports

Best Airports for Your Albany Charter Flights

Best Airports For Your Albany Charter Flights

Albany International Airport, KALB, ALB

Albany International Airport is the capital city’s primary airport. It is located only 22 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Albany by car, making it an excellent place to land your private jet. 

Schenectady County Airport, KSCH, SCH 

Schenectady County Airport is a small county-owned airport in Scotia, NY, available for public use. It is about 30 minutes from Albany by car but conveniently located near other popular Upstate New York attractions like Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady and Maple Ski Ridge.

Round Lake Airport, W57 

Located in Saratoga County, Round Lake Airport is a privately-owned airport approximately 25 miles and 30 minutes from Albany by car. And yes, you will definitely see the airport’s namesake round lake and village as you land.

Kline Kill Airport, NY1

Kline Kill Airport is a privately-owned airport in Chatham, NY, approximately 30 miles and 35 minutes from Downtown Albany by car.

Airports Albany Airports within 50 Miles

  • Albany International Airport, KALB, ALB,

    Albany, New York, United States

  • Alexander Farm Airport, NY82, NY82,

    East Schodack, New York, United States

  • Schenectady County Airport, KSCH, SCH,

    Schenectady, New York, United States

  • Round Lake Airport, W57, W57,

    Round Lake, New York, United States

  • Kline Kill Airport, NY1, NY1,

    Ghent, New York, United States

  • Columbia County Airport, K1B1, 1B1,

    Hudson, New York, United States

  • Klaverack Airport, 04NY, 04NY,

    Hudson, New York, United States

  • Saratoga County Airport, K5B2, 5B2,

    Saratoga Springs, New York, United States

  • Pittsfield Municipal Airport, KPSF, PSF,

    Pittsfield, Massachusetts, United States


Albany Available Airport Options

Private Jet Interiors

Albany Private Jets by Interiors and Rates

1. Light Jets and Very Light Jets
Light jets and very light jets are cost-effective solutions for shorter flights to and from Albany. These aircraft are ideal for individual travel, accommodating 4 to 6 passengers, and boast lower hourly rates, starting at $2,600, and a non-stop range of 1100 to 1900 nautical miles.

2. Midsize and Super Midsize Jets
For those seeking to travel farther and enjoy non-stop travel across the country, midsize and super-midsize jets offer the perfect balance of range, speed, and passenger capacity. These aircraft can accommodate up to 8 passengers, with a non-stop range of 1300 to 4000 nautical miles and hourly rates starting at $3200.

3. Large and Ultra Long-Range Jets
For those who require the ultimate in luxury, speed, and range, large and ultra-long-range jets are the pinnacle of private aviation. These aircraft are particularly suitable for coast-to-coast or intercontinental flights, accommodating up to 16 passengers in the utmost comfort with a range of 3600 to 6700 nautical miles and hourly rates starting at $5600.

Aircraft Interiors and Seating Configurations
Although the interior design of the aircraft may vary from one aircraft to another, the seating configurations will generally look like the sample interior pictures provided.

Very Light Jets
371 KTAS
$2200 - $2400
Light Jets
492 KTAS
$2600 - $3100
Super Light Jets
465 KTAS
$3000 - $3500
Midsize Jets
470 KTAS
$3200 - $4300
Super Midsize Jets
530 KTAS
$4300 - $6000
Large Jets
513 KTAS
$5600 - $8000
Ultra Long Range Jets
516 KTAS
$8000 - $11000
VIP Airliners
485 KTAS
$16000 - $23000
190 KTAS
$1700 - $2500

Albany Aircraft

Aircraft Available Locally by Jet Type and Age

We provide you with access to a curated list of over 4000 private jets of all sizes worldwide.

Here is a short list of actual private jets available for hire in the vicinity of Albany, NY for your review.

Aircraft NameCategoryYOMSeatsAvg. Hourly PriceBaggage Space
Beechjet 400ALight2000 6 $3,250 53 ft³
Citation IILight2000 6 $2,850 74 ft³
Hawker 800XPMidsize2004 8 $4,050 48 ft³
Falcon 50EXSuper Midsize2004 9 $5,850 115 ft³
Falcon 50EXSuper Midsize2004 9 $5,850 115 ft³
GIIILarge2000 12 $6,200 155.38 ft³
GIVSPLarge2001 13 $7,700 169 ft³
Global 5000Large2006 8 $8,400 195 ft³
Gulfstream GIV-SPLarge2001 13 $7,700 169 ft³
Gulfstream GIV-SPLarge2001 13 $7,700 169 ft³

Estimate Private Flight Prices to and from Albany

Albany Travel Guide

Must See Sights

Albany Must-See Sights 

  • New York State Capitol – The New York State Capitol building is a landmark in the heart of Albany’s Center Square & Hudson Park neighborhood. Free tours are available to the public on most weekdays.
  • Albany Pine Bush Preserve – Nestled between Albany and Schenectady, the Albany Pine Bush Preserve is the largest inland pine barren in the world. The area was formed nearly 15,000 years ago due to drainage from a glacial lake that stretched from Glen Falls to Newburgh.
  • Empire State Plaza – There's a whole lot more than government buildings to see in Downtown Albany’s Empire State Plaza. This building complex features an outdoor art collection, several memorials, an observation deck, and multiple restaurants. 
  • Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site – The former home of Revolutionary War General Philip J. Schuyler, his wife Catharine Van Rensselaer, and their eight children, including Eliza, who married founding father, Alexander Hamilton. Whether you learned about the Schuyler family in history class or from watching Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, you won’t regret touring this beautiful and historic estate.
  • New York State Museum – A museum featuring collections about New York State archaeology, history, art, culture, and wildlife. The museum’s rotating exhibitions allow travelers to learn something new every visit.
  • The Egg – A performing arts center named for its unique egg-shaped exterior where concerts, comedy shows, dance presentations, musicals, and film festivals occur year-round.
  • Washington Park – An 81-acre park near Central Avenue where visitors can have picnics, stroll through farmers' markets, admire the King Memorial Fountain, and attend the city’s Annual Tulip Festival and other live shows at Park Playhouse. In the Winter, Washington Park Lake doubles as an ice-skating rink!
  • USS Slater – Tour and learn about the USS Slater, the last remaining Destroyer Escort preserved in its original World War II configuration. The ship has since been restored and converted into a museum where guided tours, school trips, and naval reunions are held.

Albany Luxury Hotels

Popular and Luxurious Accommodations

Here are a few of Albany’s top-rated inns and hotels:

Albany Climate

Expected Weather in Albany

Albany has a humid continental climate, meaning there is a drastic difference between hot summer temperatures and frigid winter temperatures. Here is the type of weather you should anticipate when visiting Albany each season:

Summer: Humid and hot weather with temperatures ranging between 56°F to 83°F (13°C to 28°C). July is usually the warmest month of the year in Albany.

Fall: Crisp air and pleasant temperatures with highs of 75°F and lows of 35°F (24°C to 2°C). Best time of year to go hiking and see Upstate New York’s breathtaking fall foliage.

Winter: Lots of snowfall and freezing temperatures between 14°F to 36°F (-10°C to 3 °C), with January being the coldest month of the year. Winter is a fantastic time to partake in winter sports like skiing, ice skating, and snowboarding. 

Spring: Cool mornings and evenings and warm afternoons with temperatures ranging from 35°F to 70°F (2°C to 21°C). May is a great time to visit and witness Albany’s annual Tulip Festival.

Charter Jets FAQ

Your Ultimate Albany Charter Resource

  • Do I have to stop for customs when I fly on a private jet?

    Passengers on all international private charter flights will have to stop at customs. In certain countries, you may have to go through customs at a specific port of entry; for example, you must stop in Tahiti to perform customs checks en route to Bora Bora. You’ll also need to stop at the first port of entry when entering the U.S. from Mexico.

  • How much rest does the crew need before they can depart again?

    Crew members are required to have a 10-hour rest period within each 24-hour cycle. The maximum duty day is 14 hours and must be followed by a 10-hour rest period at their hotel. When scheduling a flight, operators usually account for 12 hours of rest instead of 10. These extra two hours allow the crew time to get to their hotel, rest for the required time, and return to the airport.

  • How long does a fuel stop for a private jet flight take?

    The average fuel stop takes 45–60 minutes. To speed up fuel stops, the operator, or pilots may call ahead, so a fuel truck is waiting for the aircraft on arrival. For smaller jets, a fuel stop can take as little as 30 minutes.

  • Will my private jet charter use the same airport as a commercial airline?

    No. When you charter a private jet, you generally fly into a private airport. However, you could access the same airports as a commercial airline if you request to do so or if there are no private airport options. However, using a large mainstream airport like Los Angeles International or London Heathrow is often a bad choice for private jets, as flying to a smaller regional private airport is much faster and often makes for a more luxurious experience.

  • Is the age of an aircraft a safety factor?

    Aircraft age is not a safety factor. However, if the aircraft is older and hasn’t been refurbished properly, it may cause flyers some inconvenience, such as overheating, faulty air conditioning, or faulty plumbing in the lavatory.

  • How much luggage am I allowed to bring on a private jet?

    As a rule of thumb, each seat on a light or midsize jet equates to one passenger and one item of luggage. Each item of luggage is considered to be the standard 23 kilograms, or about 50 lbs. Large jets are designed for long-range trips, which typically involve longer stays, so you can carry more than one item of luggage per person.

  • Are there aircraft that are wheelchair accessible?

    There are many aircraft that are wheelchair accessible. Most of them are large jets or above and have a straight aisle. If the jet has a zigzag aisle – like the Falcon 900 – it will be difficult to maneuver the wheelchair onboard the aircraft. You’ll also need the right type of wheelchair; many motorized wheelchairs won’t fit and can’t be collapsed. If this is the case, you’ll need a smaller, temporary wheelchair. Some aircraft operators have smaller wheelchairs that can be used. Please speak with your Paramount private jet expert to review your aircraft options.

  • Can I fly with large sums of cash?

    Yes, you can. This is a common occurrence for many private jet clients. You can fly with up to $5 million in cash as long as you declare that cash when coming through customs. For domestic trips, there’s no limit and no need to declare it.

  • Which private jets come with flight attendants?

    In the United States, large jets and above are required to have flight attendants onboard; in Europe, flight attendants are used on midsize jets and above. Flight attendants require their own seats. Larger jets and above have a jump seat near the cockpit for the flight attendant to use, meaning the attendant generally stays out of the cabin.

  • Which airports offer ramp access, allowing the client to drive their car right up to their private jet?

    Private jet clients can often have a limo drive them right up to the private jet, or even drive their own car to the plane. That said, different airports have different policies, and some may not offer ramp access. Please speak with your Paramount Aviation Advisor to review your options for a given trip.

  • Do private jets come with Wi-Fi?

    Many private jets do have Wi-Fi, and it’s increasingly available free of charge on U.S. domestic flights. On international flights, prices range from $3.00-$8.50 USD per megabyte used. This means that opening up social media sites that are rich in images and videos could quickly cost you $20 – and downloading a feature-length movie could cost thousands!

  • When is on-demand private jet charter better than buying a block of hours?

    Private jet charter can be a lot cheaper than buying a block of hours for a one-way flight, as you can access floating fleets or an empty leg to reduce the cost. With a block of hours, the price covers a round trip. If you only fly one-way, you are effectively paying double.

  • What is a carbon-neutral flight?

    Every aircraft burns jet fuel and emits a certain amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. This can be offset via one of several carbon offset programs that allow private jet clients to purchase a certain number of carbon credits to offset the emissions from their flights. A carbon-neutral flight is one that offsets the carbon emissions it uses via a formal process.

  • Can I have a flexible departure time for my private jet flight?

    Yes, it is possible to have a flexible departure when flying privately. Operators typically offer a 30-minute to two-hour window, but you can request a longer window as long as it doesn’t interfere with the maximum crew duty day or their next scheduled flight. Please confirm with your Paramount Aviation Advisor at the time of booking your jet.

  • When should I hire a Boeing Business Jet?

    Boeing Business Jets (BBJs) have unique amenities that extend far beyond sheer size and are often equipped with 1-2 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms (one more of those bathrooms may even offer stand-up showers.) These airliner-based executive aircraft also feature tall or ‘stand-up’ cabins that are also longer and wider than more typical corporate aircraft.

  • How soon can I have a private jet ready from the time I call in the request?

    Generally speaking, with as little as 4 hours of notice. However, we have had wheels up in as little as 32 minutes from the time our client called us to book the flight and had them in the air. It depends on a few factors, such as how long it takes for the pilots to arrive at the airport (generally, there is a 2-hour call-out time for the pilots), and whether the aircraft is ready to go at the airport with no repositioning needed. Our Jet Card members enjoy faster booking since they have funds on account and can confirm a flight with a simple email.

  • Can I access my luggage while in flight?

    On most private jets, you will be able to access your luggage during the flight. That’s because luggage and passengers are situated on the same level. This is in contrast to commercial airlines, where checked luggage is stored in a cargo hold. On large private jets, luggage is often stored in a compartment behind the lavatory, which means easy access to your bags.

  • When are private jet charter landing and takeoff slots applicable?

    A landing or takeoff slot is simply a small window of time in which your aircraft is scheduled to fly in or out of the airport. You will need a landing and takeoff slot if you fly to a high-density airport in the United States or one that is hosting a special event with a significant number of aircraft arriving and departing. If you’re flying internationally, you will need a landing and takeoff slot for all major European cities. Please check with your Paramount Aviation Advisor at the time of booking for a specific route.

  • What kind of in-flight catering is available on a private jet?

    Other than the standard snacks and drinks, you can order local cuisine options for your catering on board. In short, anything that doesn’t need to be cooked can be ordered; hot food must be precooked and then warmed on board.

  • Can I bring pets with me on private jet flights?

    Of course! Just let us know in advance. The majority of the operators and aircraft owners allow pets onboard. In some cases, a small cleaning fee may apply. That said, there are specific requirements that must be met when traveling with your pet, including making sure that all documentation and vaccination records for your pet(s) are correct and up-to-date. Dogs and cats must also be at least eight weeks old and weaned when traveling within the U.S.

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From the blog

Albany City Overview


New York State’s capital, Albany, boasts a rich history and was a significant city for military planning during the revolutionary war. Later, it became a hub for banking, railroad development, and international trade. Travelers can learn more at the New York State Museum, a museum filled with exhibits relevant to New York’s history, culture, and geography, and the Schuyler Mansion, the former home of General Philip J. Schuyler and his family, including the famous Schuyler sisters Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy.  

Albany is a big college town, home to SUNY University at Albany, Excelsior University, The College of Saint Rose, and Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Watch the Great Danes play their rivals at Bob Ford Field at Tom & Mary Casey Stadium. Or catch a Dance in Albany show at The Egg, a summer concert series featuring students from the UAlbany Performing Arts Center. 

Empire State Plaza is a must-visit for any first-timer in Albany. The building complex, first constructed by then Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller following a visit from Princess Juliana of the Netherlands that left him embarrassed by the city’s appearance, takes up much of Downtown Albany. It features an observation deck with great city views, several memorials like the Vietnam Memorial Gallery, restaurants, shops, a seasonal farmers market, and an outdoor summer concert series. Visitors can explore Empire State Plaza on foot or by trolley.

Winters in Albany are cold and snowy, making it an excellent destination for winter sports like ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding. Maple Ski Ridge, located about thirty minutes away in Schenectady County, is popular among Albany residents and tourists alike. Furthermore, the lake in Washington Park is converted into an ice-skating rink during the winter months.