Airbus ACJ320 Private Jet Charter

Airbus ACJ320 by Airbus (ACJ320), a popular VIP Airliner - Specifications, History, and Overview

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Airbus ACJ320private jet charter

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Airbus ACJ320 Private Jet Charter Flights and Prices

Airbus ACJ320 by Airbus (ACJ320), a popular VIP Airliner - Specifications, History, and Overview

The average hourly rental rate of the Airbus ACJ320 is around 22,300 USD per hour.

Aircraft Size

Aircraft sizeEnglishMetric
Length123.26 ft37.56 m
Wing Span111.88 ft34.1 m
Height38.58 ft11.76 m
Bag. Capacity1321.46 ft³37.42 m³

Cabin Size

Cabin sizeEnglishMetric
Length91 ft 27.74 m
Width12.08 ft 3.68 m
Height7.32 ft 2.24 m
Area6825 ft³ 193.26 m³

Aircraft Seats

Max Seating180
Typical Seating19

Average Prices

Purchase New - -
Purchase Used - -
Hourly rate22,300 USD/hour22,300 EUR/hour

Performance Specifications

IFR Range4950 nm9167 km
Cruise Speed485 KTAS898 km/h
Certified Ceiling39000 ft11900 m
Rate of Climb3300 ft/m1006 m/m
Takeoff Distance6640 ft2025 m
Landing Distance4920 ft1500 m
Max Takeoff Weight169800 lbs77000 kg
Max Landing Weight145500 lbs66000 kg
Useful Weight69150 lbs31370 kg
Payload with Full Fuel15700 lbs7120 kg

More about the Airbus ACJ320

Known for its corporate culture of innovation, Airbus has produced one of the most commonly utilized business jet lines available in the world today. Becoming accustomed to raising the standards of business jet travel, the Airbus Corporate Jet family has revolutionized the industry with humongous cabin interiors and unrivaled levels of layout configuration possibilities. Varying in maximum range, size, and passenger capacity, the four business jets of the ACJ line offer even more flexibility in terms of the availability of an abundance of different models, each optimal for different missions. The ACJ320 combines comfort with professionalism and makes extravagant luxury a practical option. Staying true to its namesake, the Airbus Corporate Jets are best known for their larger-than-life interiors while not being excessively large externally. Large, but not the largest, the A320 is an exceptional solution for those who require great freedom of movement, or simply want to trade up from a smaller sized aircraft.

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Key Features of the Airbus ACJ320

The A320 boasts a luxurious cabin area featuring nearly 100 square meters of space providing limitless possibilities when it comes to personalization and layout configuration. These layouts can be fully modified to incorporate separate and individual lounge areas, a private and spacious master bedroom, fully stocked private office areas, and even a peripheral area for essential staff members. Typical seating ranges from 8 to 18 passenger capacity, but the A320 can be outfitted to carry as many as 44 passengers with the appropriate setup. As a true VIP aircraft, the ACJ320 typically has a cabin comprised entirely of first class seating. An alternative variant, the A321 has an even larger cabin making it the widest and tallest cabin of any business jet including even greater capacity and floor space than the other Airbus Corporate Jets. The A321 provides its passengers with even more of what they have grown to love and expect from the Airbus family: space and comfort. Together, the ACJ318, ACJ319, ACJ320, and the ACJ321 offer passengers the opportunity to select the optimal aircraft for their needs.

Capabilities of the Airbus ACJ320

As the top-of-the-line business jet option, the ACJ line is often used for VIP transport oftentimes as a permanent fixture in the operations of government entities. In recent years, the A321's have begun to replace the less fuel-efficient 757s for government operations. Eventually, it is likely that the A321's will entirely replace the former titleholder. This is ultimately due to an evolution in the business jet industry. With impressive maximum takeoff weight, efficient wingtip fences, and a range of up to 4,300 nautical miles, the A320 represents the pinnacle of business jet transport. Greater degrees of flexibility in terms of possible configurations provide even more options for VIP travel. The optional bedroom and office chambers in the spacious cabin can be separated from the third section, which can be used for more public purposes. Appropriately, the Airbus corporate jet line has been renowned for its versatility. The ACJ family is the only business jet that is currently flying on each and every continent, even Antarctica.