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Air Ambulance Medical Flights

Need an Air Ambulance right now? Call us 24/7 at +1-877-727-2538 Ext. 1 for immediate assistance.

When you or a loved one needs immediate medical attention, count on Paramount Business Jets (PBJ) to source private jets or helicopters for your travel needs. PBJ offers air ambulance medical services to ensure our clients experience superior service during critical moments, and our dedicated staff are here to relieve the pressures when dealing with loved ones who need immediate medical air transportation.

Advantages of Using PBJ To Access Medical Air Services

Medical Equipment in Aircraft

Medical Equipment in Aircraft

  • FAA Part 135 Approved Flights
  • Third party safety rating reports
  • Ground transportation services
  • Skilled and trained medical staff
  • Medical equipment on board
  • Largest selection of aircraft
  • Worldwide 24-Hour Services
  • Fair and transparent pricing

Time is critical in these difficult situations. With access to the industry’s leading equipment, medical professionals, doctors, aircraft and ground ambulatory services, PBJ is here to help to handle all of your medical flight transportation needs efficiently. Our record is less than 42 minutes airborne after a client’s initial request for air ambulance service.

At PBJ, we understand the difficulties and pressures that come when local medical treatment is not available. Our staff will help to accommodate and personalize every detail of your travels to ensure you and your guests experience ease and comfort during difficult moments. Trust in our promise that your well-being is our top priority when you take advantage of our network of air ambulances.

Access to Many Types of Medical Air Services

Air Ambulance Flights

Air Ambulance Flights via Helicopter

  • Air Ambulance Flights
  • Air Ambulance Flights via Helicopter
  • Emergency Medical Flight Transportation
  • Non-emergency Medical Flights
  • Medevac Services
  • Patient Air Transportation
  • Deceased Air Transport
  • US Air Ambulance Services
  • International Air Ambulance Medical Services
  • Private Jet and Helicopter Medical Flights

PBJ is not restricted to a single provider or fleet. We strive to find the most appropriate aircraft and operator, utilizing systems specifically designed to locate the ideal solution quickly, while also leveraging market competition to drive down the cost of both air ambulance medical flights and ambulatory services. PBJ's access to air ambulance medical services is available at a moment’s notice to destinations around the world. Let us help you with your travels so you may spend quality time on your loved ones.

Please contact us via email or call us at +1-877-727-2538 for more information.


After receiving a late evening call from my wife and a friend who were vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, a medical emergency had arisen that required a quick return to the Denver area. Having some pilot experience of my own, I was not very confident that arrangements could be made to get them back to Denver by early morning.

Locating a plane, pilots and the logistics of flight planning after midnight for an early morning flight did not seem too likely. Luckily I contacted Paramount and within a few hours all the details had been arranged and a plane was landing to return them to Denver within minutes of the airport opening in San Jose del Cabo.

I can't say enough about the professional manner and detail that went into handling this emergency and returning them back to Denver. The personal attention and follow-up calls informing me of flight progress was exceptional and I could not have been more impressed with the entire process. Thanks again.

Jim, USA

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