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Private Jet Carbon Emission Offset System

Welcome to the “World’s First Open Source Private Jet Carbon Offset System”. Paramount Business Jets developed this system to help make private aviation greener around the world by making the process of offsetting carbon emissions for private jets simpler, faster and more accessible to the entire private aviation industry.

We have reduced the amount of time to process your carbon offset from two days to two minutes from start to finish. Once you calculate your carbon footprint you can choose from leading offset organizations and make your payment directly to them. Some organizations will issue a carbon offset certificate for your records.

We've open sourced this system's code and it's available for free download for the entire industry.

Enter a few details to offset your private jet flight and do even more to help our planet. Thank you!

You may offset your private jet flights with the following steps:

  1. Choose your aircraft type from the dropdown menu.
  2. Enter your total flight time or click the “Calculate Flight Time” link.
  3. Calculate emissions and select a company from which to offset your trip’s emissions.
  4. Enter the offset amount and purchase your carbon offset directly from them.

Download Your Free Private Jet Carbon Offset System

This is an open source carbon emissions system for private jet flights created by Paramount Business Jets. Our goal is for the aviation industry to use this tool on their websites so that their users can check how much carbon emissions are being generated from their own flights and offset them by initiating the carbon offset process through a provider of their choice.

How to Use this Carbon Offset System

The system has been created with HTML and Javascript, with minimal CSS for styling. This is mainly as a proof of concept and to make it as easy as possible to modify it and brand it according to your needs.

Feel free to integrate it and adapt the code with your preferred backend language to create your unique version of the private jet carbon offset system.

Download The Code

Data for the system and other notes

The javascript file contains two JSON objects (aircraftById and aircraftByCategory) for the aircraft data, including the fuel burn for each type of aircraft. These numbers have been sourced through research.

Some aircraft do not have fuel burn numbers. For those aircraft, the system estimates the fuel burn by taking the average of all the other aircraft in the same category.

The formula used to calculate the emissions in pounds (lbs) is:

Emissions (lbs) = Flight Time (hours) x Fuel Burn (gal/hr) x 21.1*

The emissions are converted to Metric Tonnes (mT) as follows:

Emissions (mT) = Emissions (lbs) / 2204.60

*21.1 is the Carbon Dioxide Emissions Coefficient for Jet Fuel (lbs of CO2 emitted per gallon of fuel burnt), as specified by the US Energy Information Administration.

Sources for buying carbon offsets

We’ve listed 8 different sources for buying carbon offsets in the results.

These sources are specified in the carbonOffsetProviders JSON object in the Javascript file. You can edit these sources as per your preferences.

Happy coding! And let's take care of our environment!

Download The Code

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