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Flying with Lots of Cash

Can I fly with large sums of cash?

Yes, you can. This is a common occurrence for many private jet clients. For example, members of royal families may fly with millions of dollars in cash on their person.

You can fly with up to $5 million in cash as long as you declare that cash when going through customs. For domestic trips, there’s no limit and no need to declare it.

##Is there a fee for bringing a large sum of cash with you when you go through customs? No, there is no additional fee for bringing a large amount of cash. Simply state how much you have when passing through customs and it will not be a problem.

For example, we have previously been responsible for flying 15 Saudi princesses to the US. Each one had one million dollars in cash as well as a substantial amount of gold and diamonds. Because they declared this at customs, there were no issues.

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