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NFL Pro Bowl

Allegiant Stadium, Paradise, Nevada

Charter a Private Jet to the NFL Pro Bowl

The best teams in pro football face off every year in the Super Bowl.

But, before that, the best players in pro football face off in the Pro Bowl, NFL’s signature event leading up to the championship game.

Pro Bowl players – around 90 of them -- are chosen by votes of fans, players and coaches. And, while the game itself doesn’t mean much, the honor of being named a Pro Bowler certainly does.

NFL Pro Bowl private jet charter

Getting there

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Brief History

The game has gone through many changes over the years – in where it’s played, how the teams are chosen and even rule adjustments.

It was officially called the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl through 2013, with one team comprised of the all-stars of the National Football Conference, the other of all-stars from the American Football Conference.

But, in 2014, it was changed to have two NFL Hall of Famers serve as team captains who select sides (from the pre-selected player roster) a few days ahead of the game. NFC and AFC players appear on both teams.

And, while the usual game site has been Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii, it has been played other places and the league is considering taking it to stadiums outside the United States in the future. League officials believe they can drum up support for the game of football internationally if they take the Pro Bowl outside the country.

NFL Pro Bowl

Different rules

Even though players whose teams will be playing in the Super Bowl don’t play in the Pro Bowl – they are replaced by alternates – there is still a large concern about injuries to players in a game played just for the fun of the fans.

So the rules have been changed to make the game safer. Among the different rules in the Pro Bowl:

  • Intentional grounding is legal.
  • No blitzes are allowed.
  • Players cannot rush a punt, PAT, or FG attempt.
  • There is no motion or shifting by the offense.
  • Kickoffs are eliminated with teams starting on their own 25 after the opposing team scores.

The players are paid with those on the losing team getting about $25,000 and those on the winning team getting about $50,000.

Latest Results

  • 2016: AFC 20 – NFC 13
  • 2017: AFC 24 – NFC 23
  • 2018: AFC 26 – NFC 7
  • 2019: AFC 38 – NFC 33
  • 2021: AFC 41 – NFC 35

Please bear in mind that each of these games were played out during the next year, i.e., 2016 game was played out in 2017, 2017 in 2018, and so forth.

After the game

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