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At Paramount Business Jets, our primary goal is to make private aircraft charter easy, cost effective and comfortable. Our Aviation Specialists oversee every aspect of your flight to ensure that you and your guests enjoy an outstanding experience, every time.

We’re proud to say that we successfully do offer elite service, demonstrated by our client’s continued satisfaction. We also look forward to serving your needs and earning your repeat business.

Unsolicited Client Reviews

Our First International Charter Flight into Costa Rica.

Yesterday we completed our first international charter flight from IAD to LIR since Costa Rica opened it’s doors in September. Aurelien as our client put it, is the consummate professional. I could not agree more!

In providing any service such as private charter flights, there are elements a client or agent is looking for instilling confidence and comfort necessary to make the proper choice. Aurelien not only met those expectations but far exceeded them from the time of quoting, needed explanations and follow through till we beyond the time our clients steeped onto the ground on the other side.

All tens! I only wish the scale was higher.


We wanted to thank you for a nice trip yesterday, everything went off without a hitch! As you know the charter jet market is extremely competitive, we probably get 4-5 emails or calls a week from other companies wanting our business, and we wanted to let you know that reason that we don't pay attention to those communications, and stay with Paramount, is because of the fantastic way you take care of us!

Funny side note, the catering was from our favorite grocery store in the desert, Bristol Farms - they have great stuff!

Thanks again,

Mike & Lisa

I had a great flight. Loved everything. I just want to thank you again. As always you come through for us. I told my wife we will only be using you and your team for any flights we need.

Alex from the USA

Hi Everyone, just wanted to give you some feedback – I got a chance to ask Daniel how the trip went with Paramount on Monday. He said that from the moment he arrived in Dublin all the way to his destination in Derry the service was unbelievable. He has taken private charters in the past and he said that this trip was by far the best he’d experienced, superior service.

We can’t thank you enough for looking after him so well.

Annie from Canada

Thank You! You guys are so great. Thanks for great service and updates on my account - so important to me. Have a blessed day and week.

Richard from the USA

Great trip! Thanks for arranging everything - we will be recommending you to wheelsup and other friends!!

Wendy from the USA

Your company has a new fan! Super job, made my engagement, and the carriervm was superb!

Wayne from the USA

I'm checking in. I want to personally thank you and the pilots.

My wife made it to the hospital. She had her surgery this morning with no problems.

Getting this kidney transplant improves the quality of life.

I had never chartered an airline before. You made the process easier even with the pressure.

Daryl from the USA

Yes all is wonderful! The trip was so smooth and great! The pilot and co-pilot were so nice! The food was great and the aircraft perfect size.

Brent from the USA

Yes we are back in Gerona with my son.

We enjoy the flight. Nice crew, very kind Nina and perfect food and drink.

Your caring and following exceptional.

Thank you.

I will renew this experience with you.

Alain from Spain

Great experience overall. We’ll be working together again.

Was a pleasure dealing with you.

Edouard from Ireland

You got that business because you were the quickest with feedback and follow up. I actually searched on at least half dozen sites but you were the first human being to react and persist.

Niels from UK

Warmest greetings from snowy Moscow.

Sorry about delay with answer we are now in absolutely crazy pre-Holidays period. Clients are happy about their flight, plane, service, food - everything was very good. Absolutely no complaints and I wish to highlight that it was a pleasure to work with you I really appreciate your attitude and attention. You've made all the organization a lot easier and I'm very grateful for it. Please let me know what other destinations you deal with and I will get in touch for new requests.

Ekaterina from Russia

Thank you. The flight was fantastic and aircraft and crew were very friendly.

Thanks and hope to be in contact soon.

Nasser from Kuwait

Everything went well!

The family was extremely pleased with the service and quality of the aircraft, staff, and your services. Are you a global company? I am always looking for charter options in the United States and would love to use you in the future here.

Sunday from the USA

The reason that Paramount received our business is the response time, the accuracy of the quotes, the option of planes, the no hidden fees on the initial enquiry. Marisha’s response time is something that you should applaud her for. I am not sure if she actually sleeps or if she does I think the phone is in one hand.

Once we had the booking in place, the one stop shop and level of professionalism shown by Marisha on a business and personal level is second to none. I would have no hesitation in referring any other business Paramount’s way. I am not sure what sort of internal reward and recognition you have in place, but I rate Marisha 6 stars out of 5!

Scott from the USA

It was great, I have enjoyed every minute of it!

Thanks again for your help!

Csetényi from Hungary

The service was STELLAR. From the lips of my team member who was on it-- "the pilots we're excellent, happy to work to our plans, very chatty, flew the plane at an angle so we had a better view and even starred in our photos and videos. They were perfect."

Many, many thanks. At our next opportunity, we'd be happy to do business again.


Alex from the USA

The flight went absolutely perfect! In fact, I was told that next year – they plan to do the entire trip once in the Middle East completely via private jet. I’m so glad I know who to call now.

Amanda, I can’t thank you enough for taking such great care of my guys and all of the details. I know I was a big pest with the emails – but I just wanted to make sure everything went smoothly – and it did! Success!

Tracie from the USA

We were delighted to work with your company on this occasion.

Your service has been carried out clearly and highly professionally.

We look forward to having your kind cooperation once again.

Many many thanks.

Anna from Russia

Thank you for everything you did to get us back to Monterey ahead of the storms.

Everything went smoothly, the pilots were great, the staff nice and when the moment came to board one of the pilots escorted me across the tarmac under a big black umbrella. Mick celebrated all the leg room and lack of lines and airport hassles; we buckled up and off we went.

Our daughter was there to meet us and it felt SOOO good to give her a big hug.

We appreciate everything you did to get us there for that hug.

Nicki from the USA

It could not have been better. Everything worked marvelous. Great crew, good food so we had a perfect day.

Thanks for everything and congratulations.

We are very happy.

Best regards

Pedro from the USA

Too tired to write properly, but that was by far, the most exceptional flight I've ever had (with any broker) ... Handling waiting patiently curbside, recognized me immediately, fawning over the cats....a remarkably smooth transition through a very crowded airport and chaotic security checks... The crew was superb, so accommodating, and the FOOD....INSANE!...their hostess had begun interviewing caterers on Wednesday to get the perfect could gluten free vegetarian be SO sublime...even the green salad was epicurean...

I do remember in the old days when I flew Swiss planes, they were much more attentive, but this was phenomenal...the plane was only a year old...

What a success!

Robin from Switzerland

The flight was flawless! The pilots were great and very professional.

Thank you for making this happen.


Chris from the USA

Hi, it was a great flight, and beautiful plane. Food was delicious too. Glad it was direct too, so it worked out good.

Thanks again, and we will remember you guys if we do this experience again.

Jenny from the USA


The crew was very professional. Being from Arkansas, they had some southern friendliness that is of a geographical nature. They helped with the luggage and offered help with arranging for the rental car to be at the FBO on our arrival in Brunswick. They were easy to talk to and willing to help however possible. I would definitely fly with them again.

The aircraft was in good condition. It was a touch smaller than the Mustang (the only other VLJ I have ever been in), so removing the two unused seats was very helpful. Actually, I think it would have been kind of cramped if all of the passenger seats were in place. The plane felt smaller than the Mustang... which is not a good or bad thing. If the cost of flying in a Mustang were the same as the Eclipse for the same trip, I might choose the slightly roomier Mustang.

The plane/crew was waiting for us to arrive for departure on both flights. We left at the times we desired (9:30 am and 4:30 pm) as originally planned So, the "schedule" was perfect.

Thanks to you and the operator/crew, the entire trip was easy and the picture of convenience.

Best wishes for your holidays.


Don from the USA

Thank you so much for all of your assistance in securing this flight for us. I sincerely appreciate it. You’ve been so great to work with, keeping me informed, etc. You have no idea how much I appreciate that. I’m so tired of having to write ten emails to a single person or firm to get answers out of people for logistical things I need to know and I still only receive answers on a portion and have to keep writing. It’s not been like that at all with you and this transaction at all.

You’ve just been wonderful and I thank you!


Connie from the USA


The flight was great, actually arrived early!

The two captains were very nice as well.

Loved the ground transportation – a Tesla!

Many thanks to you for all your help.

Will try my best to contact you as early as possible for the return.


Bonnie from the USA

Just a brief note of thanks for the work on the recent trip. We'll be topping up the account in anticipation of the next-generation trip.

Thanks again,

Bob from the USA

Just wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous flight, we and the cats enjoyed it! The cats were very comfortable in the cabin! The food was great, too!

Thanks for all the arrangements - all went so smoothly, the vet, the pick-up transportation at the airport, cannot say enough about what a positive and effortless experience it was.

The crew, just so helpful and friendly and professional!

Thank you, and we will use your services again, would highly recommend you to friends!

All the best, kind regards,

Jack from the USA

The flight was very smooth and the pilot was very friendly. I would highly recommend the jet and the pilot.

Ground transportation on both sides was very good too.

Thank you for all your help and I look forward to getting in touch with you again soon.


Anushay from Saudi Arabia

The best private flight I had. Thank you .

Joseph – Europe

All the passengers were satisfied and speak highly of your service. Thank you for your effort. And best wishes for your business!

Kind Regards,

Cynthia – USA

I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent service I had received on Saturday 16 May 2015.

Your ability to organize everything timely and extremely attentive exceeded my expectations.

I would like to commend you for your professionalism and superlative skills.

Please convey my thanks also to the crew for delivering outstanding hospitality and customer service.

Your company have put together a great team that makes customers fell respected and valued.

I would like to recommend your company to anyone who needs this service in the future.

Massimiliano from Switzerland

Everything went well!

Thank you for the great support I am gladly coming back!

Benjamin from Switzerland

The flight was great and the crew was awesome. I will definitely reach out to you in the future for travel arrangements. Have a great week,

Ante from the USA

Everything was perfect and my principals enjoyed every bit of the trip and service.

We shall definitely reach out to you again whenever we're travelling on biz again in Europe or the US.

We thank you for your speedy action and service.

Best wishes

Eddy from Europe

Everything was perfect. Jet-pilots-cars, all perfect, timely, clean and accommodating. As for the champagne.....nice thought, but untouched.

John from the USA

Thank you, your services have been great.

The entire experience was very pleasant especially the crew, they were wonderful.

I will complete the reviews once I return home in a week.

Please do let me know where else in the world you are working so I can contact you for future trips as well.


Anushay from Saudi Arabia

Just wanted to say thank you getting everything organized this weekend. It was an amazing experience, and something I will certainly be using you for again in the future. Thanks so much.

Corey from the USA

Thanks to @PBJETS and @starbasejet for the ride to #vegas! Excellent service and top-notch crew!

— Neff Luxury Travel (@NeffLuxeTravel) February 24, 2014

I contacted Chris to make sure we got something chartered if the operator didn’t come through due to the nature of the travel and short lead time thinking he may come up with something else. We could have booked this flight directly but requested that Paramount / Chris get credit for the flight. We think a lot of Chris; he has always met and exceeded our expectations.

Jeff from the USA

We had a great flight with Matthew and Daniel. Very happy with paramount and your service. Definitely use again.

Divya from the USA

Finally I find some calm minutes to answer your email...

Well you proved, that you never walk away until the job is done and I hope you got enough sleep yesterday!

It really was a "hard one" - I'm working for almost 10 years in this job (OMG!!!) but I've never experienced anything similar to this "flight-project".

I thank you so much for "being at my side" the Day before yesterday, keeping on working hard on finding a solution and finally: finding it.

Anna and I say: "thanks a Million!"

All the best!


Nadine from Germany

Kurt and Marlin spoke with me this morning. I just wanted to say a big thank you to you from everyone here. They know it was a last minute trip and you did an amazing job pulling it together for us. We are grateful for your help, not everyone would have done that for us.

We will be in touch soon.

Freida from the USA

This is a first for me, writing to an agent after a flight before they contact me ...

I am jet lagged, achy, dizzy and confused but I am dragging myself to the computer to tell you what an EXCELLENT flight that was ...

Hands down, the best FLIGHT EVER ...

Very attractive plane (sort of an odd layout with only one bathroom and the galley in the stern, but it was fine)...

The crew were some of the best people I've ever met ... The captain left a hand written note in calligraphy welcoming me (and Rumi!) on board ...

The food was great, a really tender piece of tuna ...

The hostess and I got on so well, I never did sleep, we talked all night ...

Lovely, lovely, lovely ... all on time ... perfect ground support at Malpensa ...

VERY VERY impressed ... GREAT price ...

Thanks again, Great job!

Happy camper


Julianne from Switzerland

Wow Wow OMG thank you so much It was out of this world. They had so much fun we will do it again sometime this year.


Kurt from the USA

We were absolutely, thrilled, pleased, delighted, amazed and incredibly pleased with the Gulfstream 450. Thank you for the marvelous upgrade - you have us hooked on flying by private jet!


Julianne from the USA


What a plane, thought I was living large on a Hawker 800 instead of a 400 but you really raised the bar for me this time.

Thank you so much

You now have ALL of my business.

Loran from the USA

Things went very smoothly and we well taken care of. Thank you for your help with this and we will definitely keep you in mind for future needs.

Bill from the USA

The flight was perfect and flawless, thank you and yes I would love the upgrade for the same price - thank you so much!

Wendy from the USA

I just got an email from Terry and she said she loved the plane everything went smoothly. Thanks so much!! I will email you next week regarding the next leg, have a good weekend!

Lauren from Canada

Indeed Goldie and Kurt said everything went really well! They were very happy with their trip so thank you very much. It was a pleasure working with you and I'm sure we will work together again soon!!

Iris from the USA

Thanks, I got your VM and all went well. Thank you kindly and will keep you in mind for next time.

Dave from Switzerland

Paramount Business Jets, agreed to fly the family to Hong Kong on a nine-seat airplane for $75,000. Other airline companies were charging as much as $125,000.

Williams, T. (2011, March 19). Lives on Edge, Focused on the Quake Zone. The New York Times

The trip at least on the plane aspect was perfect, I can't thank you enough for helping me plan everything. The crew was more than I could ask for, extremely accommodating with great attitude and professional. I will most definitely do business with you again and recommend you if the occasion arises.

Cody from the USA

Thank you so much for your help. The pilots were so good to us yesterday. Moving her was a physical and emotional hardship but thanks to you guys it went so much easier on us all. I do not know if or when we would need this kind of service in the future but if we do it will be with you.

Tesla from Italy

I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you what a pleasure it was working with Paramount on a recent charter. We have never dealt with Paramount before but I quickly developed a high degree of confidence in you because of the professionalism and follow up. There is always anxiety when making arrangements for the principle of the company and Paramount did a great job of putting my mind at ease from start to finish. The staff at Paramount puts a great face on Paramount Business Jets.

Mark from UK

Our trip went great, especially with the pilot of the Pilatus, he is a great one…

Our plane is in maintenance for the next 5 week, I'm supposed to have other 3 trips to Tallahassee and 1 to Cuba, I´ll let you know the dates when I have the confirmation of the meetings.

Thank you for your help.

Cody from the USA

Solicited Testimonials

I can only say great things about Paramount Business Jets as they have exceeded above and beyond my expectations time and time again. I recommend PBJ to anyone looking for a reliable service, high quality equipment and preferential pricing.

Michael Imperioli - Award Winning Writer, Actor and Producer

Michael Imperioli is the recipient of an Emmy Award, a Screen Actors Guild award, and two Golden Globe nominations for his work on The Sopranos, of which he has written several episodes. Mr. Imperioli has also starred in over thirty movies, including Goodfellas, Malcolm X, and Shark Tale - as well as five Spike Lee films, including Summer of Sam, which he co-wrote and produced.

Flying with Paramount is consistently a pleasure. Offering the newest jets, the most experienced aviation consultants, and the best rates in the industry, Paramount Business Jets is the ideal choice for domestic or international private jet travel. I highly recommend them.

Clive Owen - Award Winning Actor - UK

Clive Owen is the recipient of a Golden Globe, a BAFTA Film Award, a New York Film Critics Circle Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and over half a dozen other honors - including a Toronto Film Critics Association Award for his work in Closer and Gosford Park. He is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, a former member of the Young Vic Theatre Company, and has starred in over twenty movies, including King Arthur, Croupier, Sin City, The Bourne Identity and The Inside Man.

I would definitely use Paramount Business Jets to plan future trips for my guests and myself. It was easy to give PBJ information, they always had prompt replies to my requirements, and they let me know that the trip was being taken care of every step of the way.

Frank Ciminello MD – Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ciminello is a fully trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon known for his exemplary plastic surgical services individualized to the needs and concerns of each patient. Having trained with world leaders in the field, Dr. Ciminello is specialized in surgical procedures that restore beauty and function to, both, the face and the body. He has travelled extensively on a national level and studied with world-renowned surgeons in Manhattan New York, California and Miami, Florida. Although highly trained, Dr. Ciminello continues to study new and innovative methods in all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery, offering his clients the most up-to-date surgical procedures and techniques.

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