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New York to Los Angeles Private Jet Flights and Prices

Connecting Teterboro and Van Nuys by Private Jet.

At Paramount Business Jets, we arrange private jet flights from New York (Teterboro Airport) to Los Angeles (Van Nuys airport) regularly. Whether you require regular private jet to travel back and forth or you need an occasional flight for a special event for business or pleasure, we are at your service to provide you with the most ideal private jets and services to meet and exceed your expectations.

Contact our private aviation experts online by email or by calling us on +1-877-727-2538 to discuss aircraft options and pricing. You may also use our charter flight cost calculator for a quick estimate:

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What are the Prices of Private Jet Flights Between New York and Los Angeles?

How much does it cost to charter a private jet from New York to Los Angeles? Are you looking for a cost-effective option, a luxurious option, or a little bit of both? Here are just a few New York Los Angeles private jet options with price estimates.

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Private Jet Charter Price Estimate:

Category Aircraft Pax Flight Time One Way Price Estimate Round Trip Price Estimate
Super Midsize Challenger 300 8 05:15 34,000 USD 62,000 USD
Large Challenger 601 11 05:15 37,000 USD 74,400 USD
Large Gulfstream G-IV 13 05:45 42,000 USD 88,800 USD
Ultra Long Range Global Express XRS 13 05:30 60,500 USD 105,000 USD

Round Trip Price based on 1 overnight.

Helping You Get There in Style and on Time

The estimated flight time heading west, from New York to Los Angeles is approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes and heading east from Los Angeles to New York is approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes due to headwinds and tailwinds.

Citation Sovereign+ Exterior
Citation Sovereign+ Interior

Super Midsize Jets

Citation Sovereign+, Hawker 4000, Falcon 2000LXS, and more.

Price Estimate (One Way)
Starting at $31,250
Price Estimate (Round Trip)
Starting at $48,000
8 - 10
Range (nm)
2,400 - 4,000
Speed (KTAS)
375 - 530
Cabin Height (ft)
5.7 - 6.3
One Way Flight Time
04:48 - 05:57
Round Trip Flight Time
08:36 - 12:03
Gulfstream G450 Exterior
Gulfstream G450 Interior

Large Jets

Gulfstream G450, Legacy 600, Challenger 650, and more.

Price Estimate (One Way)
Starting at $35,000
Price Estimate (Round Trip)
Starting at $70,000
10 - 16
Range (nm)
3,600 - 6,000
Speed (KTAS)
485 - 513
Cabin Height (ft)
5.9 - 6.2
One Way Flight Time
04:23 - 06:03
Round Trip Flight Time
08:47 - 10:18
Gulfstream G550 Exterior
Gulfstream G550 Interior

Ultra Long Range Jets

Falcon 7X, Gulfstream G550, Global Express XRS, and more.

Price Estimate (One Way)
Starting at $52,750
Price Estimate (Round Trip)
Starting at $97,000
12 - 16
Range (nm)
2,500 - 6,700
Speed (KTAS)
368 - 516
Cabin Height (ft)
6.0 - 6.4
One Way Flight Time
03:49 - 04:38
Round Trip Flight Time
07:37 - 09:15
BBJ Exterior
BBJ Interior

VIP Airliner

Airbus ACJ320, BBJ, Lineage 1000, and more.

Price Estimate (One Way)
Starting at $156,000
Price Estimate (Round Trip)
Starting at $350,000
16 - 50
Range (nm)
3,800 - 6,100
Speed (KTAS)
469 - 485
Cabin Height (ft)
6.5 - 7.3
One Way Flight Time
04:38 - 05:24
Round Trip Flight Time
08:16 - 09:48

*Pricing based on 2 nights stay

Most Common Aircraft Types You Can Expect to Charter

The most popular aircraft types available for charters between New York (Teterboro Airport) and Los Angeles (Van Nuys Airport) are Super Midsize Jets such as Challenger 300, Gulfstream G200, Falcon 50, Citation Sovereign, and Large Jets such as Gulfstream GIV-SP, Gulfstream G450, Challenger 605, Falcon 900EX, Gulfstream GV, and Falcon 2000EX.

Private Jet Airport Options With Less Hassle

Private jet airports in New York
Teterboro Airport (TEB) is the most commonly used airport for private aviation in New York. Other airports near New York include La Guardia Airport (LGA), and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK).

Private jet airports in Los Angeles
The most commonly used airports for private jet travel in the Los Angeles area are Van Nuys Airport (VNY), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Bob Hope Airport (BUR), and Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO).

Our Airport Proximity Tool will help you search all nearby airports around the New York and Los Angeles areas.

Empty leg flights between New York (Teterboro airport) and Los Angeles (Van Nuys airport)

At Paramount Business Jets, we have access to over 3800 empty leg flights in the United States, over 3700 in Europe and over 250 in the Middle East. It is possible that we may be able to save you up to 75% of the cost of standard charter price. When you inquire about a one-way flight, we will automatically check to see if there are any matching empty legs to match your New York to Los Angeles dates of travel. Please call our aviation experts on +1-877-727-2538 Ext. 1 for pricing and immediate assistance or inquire by email.

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