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Malpensa Airport Private Jet Charter

Malpensa Airport Private Jet Charter Services

Paramount Business Jets offers private jet charter flights and luxury airliner charters to and from Malpensa Airport.

Milan Malpensa Airport, which is located about 30 miles northwest of Milan’s business center, is the largest international airport of the four located in the Milan metropolitan area in northern Italy.

Airport Aerial View

Milan Malpensa Airport Aerial View. Picture Source.

It is not the closest airport to Milan – Milan Linate is – but it is the busiest. In fact, it is the second most important airport in Italy after Fiumicino Airport in Rome.

Located in the province of Varese, Malpensa serves about 22 million passengers a year, including those from nearby Switzerland.

While Milan has become synonymous with haute couture – it is considered one of the Big Four fashion cities of the world – many elite flyers charter private jets into Milan because it is the home of Italy’s national stock exchange. The second largest city in Italy, after Rome, Milan is the country’s financial hub.

It is easy to charter a private jet to the other airports in Italy or anywhere in the world at Malpensa.

What is the airport code for Milan Malpensa International Airport?

The ICAO code for Milan Malpensa Airport is LIMC and its IATA code is MXP.

Airport Information for Malpensa Airport (LIMC, MXP)

LOCATIONMilan, Italy
Runway Length (ft) Width (ft) Surface Type Elevation (ft)
35L/17R 12861 197 ASP 767
35R/17L 12861 197 ASP 767

Approach and Landing at LIMC

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There are two fixed-base operators at Milan Malpensa Airport, Sky Services and Universal Aviation.

Customs, immigration and quarantine clearance is required for arrivals and departures from and to countries outside the European Union.

Since Milan Malpensa has no dedicated general aviation terminal (general aviation shares space in Terminal 2 with EasyJet), clearance must take place in the respective FBO offices in that terminal. During busy hours, clearance can take up to a half hour so it is recommended that you request fast track clearance in advance. That will eliminate wait times.

Sky Services

Sky Services FBO

Sky Services FBO at LIMC. Picture Source.

Sky Services boasts of being the most expansive Italian FBO network. In addition to its FBO SKY operation at Milan Malpensa, it also has FBOs in Milan Linate, Milan Bresso, Venice, Verona, Treviso, Rome, Naples, Naples North, Salerno Amalfi Coast, Siena, Capua, Bari and Brindisi. Sky Services has 20 years of experience handling private jets with refueling services at 34 airports. Its trained staff is fluent in many languages.

Its services include:

  • Administration and airport slots
  • Aircraft security
  • Assistance with landing permits, etc.
  • Catering – a range of inflight meals from authentic regional dishes to vegetarian meals to Asian and Middle Eastern dishes is available. All meals are prepared fresh and supplied in catering containers directly on board.
  • Cleaning aircraft
  • Customer service
  • De-icing
  • GPU
  • Landing permits
  • Lavatory and water servicing
  • Marshalling
  • Meeting room
  • Multi-lingual and highly trained staff
  • PPR
  • Push-back
  • Ramp service
  • Refueling
  • Snooze room
  • Technical assistance
  • Value-added services -- like flower arrangements, laundry, linen, dishwashing, international magazines and newspapers.
  • VIP lounge
  • VIP transportation
  • Wing walking man

Universal Aviation

Universal Aviation FBO

Universal Aviation FBO at LIMC. Picture Source.

Universal Aviation, which has FBO and ground support locations in 20 countries, is the other of the two FBOs at Milano Malpensa Airport. It has facilities at three other airports in Italy, Milan Linate, Rome Ciampino and Venice Marco Polo.

It was the first company in Italy dedicated to business and general aviation and credits its success to listening to customers and offering the flexibility they want.

There are no conference rooms or direct ramp access available for Universal customers at Milan Malpensa. Amenities include:

  • Baggage handling
  • Computerized worldwide weather briefings
  • Crew accommodation arrangements
  • Customs and immigration
  • Italian and English spoken
  • Lavatory service
  • Limousine service and car rental
  • Maintenance
  • Permit coordination
  • Security arrangements
  • VIP crew lounge
  • VIP passenger lounge
  • Wi-Fi

Hire a private jet to Milan Fashion Week

There are many reasons to rent a private jet into Milan Malpensa Airport but perhaps none as well known – and busy – as Milan Fashion Week. It draws many general aviation and private jets.

Milan Fashion Week, which was first held in 1958, is part of the Big Four fashion weeks held around the world every year. Twice a year, Milan joins New York, London and Paris to unveil designers’ lines of collections, one for spring and summer fashions, the other for fall and winter.

The spring/summer show is held in late September; the fall/winter show in late February.

There are also Men’s Fashion Weeks. Milano Moda Uomo displays international menswear trends and up-and-coming brands in Italian fashion. Fall/winter is held in mid-January; spring/summer in mid-June.

Tourists flock to the city – many by chartering private jets into MXP -- as more than 40 shows each season are presented on runways in the elegant venues, including palaces.

During the fashion weeks, there is high demand for private jet parking and crew accommodations. Because so many people charter private jets into Milan Malpensa for the fashion events, it is recommended that you make arrangements as soon as possible. Malpensa and Linate are the preferred – and busiest -- Milan airports. They both operate 24/7.

Malpensa (LIMC) is the best airport to use if you have a very large aircraft. Malpensa can handle any size aircraft overnight. (While Linate restricts overnight parking to aircraft no larger than a Boeing 737-900.)

Even though LIMC has no dedicated general aviation apron, general aviation parking is rarely an issue. By the way, you can arrange (unarmed) airport guards for your aircraft with advance notice. Another plus is that most LIMC parking stands do not require push backs.

Fuel is available 24/7 but you might want to avoid the peak refueling periods of early morning and late evening when there can be refueling delays of up to 40 minutes.

Once on the ground, your FBO can arrange transportation to get to Milan Fashion Week. Most private jet flyers arrange a car with a driver.

All passengers and crew arriving from outside the Schengen region must present passports with validity of at least 90 days beyond intended departure.

Crew members of chartered private jets into Milan Malpensa do not require visas for Italy if they have valid passports and IATA-approved crew IDs.

Other elite events in Milan

The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este draws millionaires and billionaires to see some of the world’s rarest and most valuable historic cars.

First held in 1929, the heyday of aristocratic cars, it has become a tradition for the rich and famous.

The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este owes its place atop the world’s prestigious historic car shows to its elegance, its storied tradition and its location at the beautiful Grand Hotel Villa d’Este on the shores of Lake Como.

The prestigious event is about much more than cars. The participants and aficionados in attendance, the surrounding gardens, the buildings of the Villa d’Este and Villa Erba and Lake Como give the event an air of aristocracy not felt at other car events.

It is held at the end of May with more than 50 historic cars, built between the 1920s and 1980s, on display. Lake Como is about 50 miles from Milan Malpensa Airport.

Another must-see event for the A-list travelers chartering private jets to Milan Malpensa Airport is Opening night of La Scala

Once the place to see and be seen by 18th-century Milanese nobles, opening night of La Scala opera season is now the place to see and be seen by a modern and moneyed crowd.

Considered by many to be the high society event of Milan, opening night takes place every December 7, in honor of St. Ambrose, the patron saint of Milan.

It marks the beginning of a season of drama, symphony and elite crowds that runs through May.

Visitors can rent a private car or limousine or take the 39-minute train ride from Malpensa to La Scala.

Teatro alla Scala, as the Italians call it, has great historical and social importance to Milan and the entire international opera community. A short documentary made in association with The Guardian will help you understand the history and elegance of the famous La Scala Theater.

If you are chartering a private jet into Milan, the one touristy must-see is The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci in the Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente, which the Milanese call “Il Duomo.” With a capacity of 40,000, it is one of the largest churches in the world.

The Last Supper is a true mural, painted directly on the wall of the church by Leonardo da Vinci in 1494-1498. To help preserve the painting, which represents the last meal Jesus had with his disciples, only 25 people at a time are allowed in the dining hall of the former Dominican convent where it is located.

Its massive size reflects its massive appeal. It is 15 feet tall and 30 feet wide.

FBOs and Handlers at Malpensa Airport, LIMC, MXP

General Aviation Handling Co.    (390) 240-9630   
Universal Aviation  TERMINAL 2, DEPARTURE BUILDING  +39 02 7486 5620   
G S Aviation    (390) 258-3656   
Societa E Aeroportuali    (390) 286-8115   
Sky Services  Sky Services
Milan Malpensa Airport
Terminal 2 / Arrival Area
+39 02 5858 3584   
Argos Vip    +39 3487 4167 27   
Ata Italia    +39 02 5063661 

METAR Weather Data at Malpensa Airport, LIMC, MXP

OBSERVEDWed May 25, 23:20 UTC
NOWWed May 25, 23:47 UTC
AGE27 min ago
WINDNNE at 3 mph
VISIBILITYgreater than 7 miles
CLOUDSclear skies
TEMP66°F (19°C)
DEWPT59°F (15°C)
BAROMETER1018 hPa (30.06 in Hg)
METARLIMC 252320Z 02003KT CAVOK 19/15 Q1018 NOSIG

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