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Phenom 300 Private Jet Charter

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Phenom 300 Private Jet Charter Flights and Prices

Phenom 300 by Embraer (EMB-505), a popular Light - Specifications, History, and Overview

The average hourly rental rate of the Phenom 300 is around 3,350 USD per hour.

Aircraft Size

Phenom 300 Exterior
Aircraft Size English Metric
Length 51.31 ft 15.64 m
Wing Span 52.00 ft 15.91 m
Height 16.73 ft 5.10 m
Bag. Capacity 85 ft³ 2 m³

Cabin Size

Phenom 300 Exterior
Cabin Size English Metric
Length 17.16 ft 5.23 m
Width 5.09 ft 1.55 m
Height 4.92 ft 1.50 m
Area 325 ft³ 9 m³

Aircraft Seats

Layout Seats
Max Seating 9
Typical Seating 7
Pilots 2

Average Prices

Purchase New 9 Million 7 Million
Purchase Used 7 Million 6 Million
Charter Rate 3,350 USD/hour 3,350 EUR/hour

Performance Specifications

Performance English Metric
IFR Range 1,951 nm 3,613 km
Cruise Speed 453 KTAS 838 km/h
Certified Ceiling 45,000 ft 13,716 m
Rate of Climb 4,050 ft/m 1,234 m/m
Takeoff Distance 3,140 ft 957 m
Landing Distance 2,953 ft 900 m
Max Takeoff Weight 18,999 lbs 8,618 kg
Max Landing Weight 16,865 lbs 7,650 kg
Useful Weight 6,495 lbs 2,946 kg
Payload with Full Fuel 1,142 lbs 518 kg

More about the Phenom 300

Although Embraer is one of the largest and most dominant aircraft manufacturers on the planet, the Brazil-based company is typically known for its airliners and large-cabin business jets. However, in the last decade, the highly respected manufacturer has enthusiastically entered both the very light jet and light jet categories with their brand new Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 models. Announced in 2005, first flying in 2008, and receiving full certification by 2010, the Phenom 300 is as modern as business jets come. Travelers who have enjoyed Embraer aircraft in the past will feel at home in the smaller, more efficient Phenom 300. Innovation and an attention to detail are most evident in its interior, with a state-of-the-art cockpit and the sleek design characteristics that Embraer has become known for. Able to carry up to nine passengers in a high-density seating configuration and seven passengers in a more comfortable arrangement, the Phenom 300 is a diverse aircraft with infinite potential and is sure to become a major contender in the light jet marketplace.

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Key Features of the Phenom 300

Though it may not be as large as most other aircraft, the Phenom 300 has respectable cabin dimensions for a light jet. With a cabin length of 17'2", cabin width of 5'1", and a cabin height of 4'11", there is plenty of room for luxurious seating and other amenities. It features a private lavatory, climate control systems, LED cabin lighting, and boasts an abundance of baggage space at 76 cubic feet. BMW enthusiasts will feel at home when they enter the Phenom 300's stylish interior as the cabin itself was designed by BMW DesignworksUSA. Simple yet elegant, the model features an "Oval Lite" cabin which was designed to offer a spacious atmosphere with ample head-and-shoulder room. Within the cabin, eleven windows ensure that there is plenty of natural lighting during daytime flights. Interior customizations are also possible with a two-place divan option as well as accommodating club seating. Altogether, travelers looking for a modern, luxurious, and comfortable interior at light jet pricing are sure to be pleased with the Phenom 300.

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Capabilities of the Phenom 300

The Embraer Phenom 300 is also a quite powerful aircraft for its category. With twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E turbofans, the model has no shortage of thrusting power. With 3,200 pounds of thrust generated from each engine moderated by Full Authority Digital Electric Control (FADEC) systems, the aircraft handles its power efficiently. These turbofan engines allow the Phenom 300 to fly up to 1,951 nautical miles and takeoff in 3,140 feet of runway space at sea level. Combined with is maximum cruising speed of 453 ktas, the model has very impressive performance characteristics. Equally impressive is the Phenom 300's all-glass Prodigy flight deck, which is based on Garmin's G1000 avionics suite. This state-of-the-art navigation system seamlessly provides the pilot with important navigational displays, system monitoring, and autopilot capabilities. These systems work together to provide the pilot with as much information as possible while also increasing situational awareness and visibility in less than ideal flight conditions.

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