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The Gulfstream V, the world's best-selling ultra-long range business jet, has the capability to fly non-stop from Rome to L.A., Chicago to Tokyo, or San Francisco to Buenos Aires. After debuting in July 1997, the Gulfstream V had set 36 climb, altitude, and time records in its first two months.

The average hourly rental rate of the Gulfstream GV is around 9,700 USD per hour.

Aircraft Size

Gulfstream GV Exterior
Aircraft Size English Metric
Length 96.46 ft 29.40 m
Wing Span 93.50 ft 28.50 m
Height 25.82 ft 7.87 m
Bag. Capacity 226 ft³ 6 m³

Cabin Size

Gulfstream GV Exterior
Cabin Size English Metric
Length 43.92 ft 13.39 m
Width 7.33 ft 2.24 m
Height 6.17 ft 1.88 m
Area 1,669 ft³ 47 m³

Aircraft Seats

Layout Seats
Max Seating 19
Typical Seating 13
Pilots 2

Average Prices

Purchase New 43 Million 32 Million
Purchase Used 23 Million 17 Million
Charter Rate 9,700 USD/hour 8,050 EUR/hour

Performance Specifications

Performance English Metric
IFR Range 6,750 nm 12,501 km
Cruise Speed 508 KTAS 941 km/h
Certified Ceiling 51,000 ft 15,545 m
Rate of Climb 3,610 ft/m 1,100 m/m
Takeoff Distance 5,910 ft 1,801 m
Landing Distance 2,770 ft 844 m
Max Takeoff Weight 91,000 lbs 41,277 kg
Max Landing Weight 75,300 lbs 34,156 kg
Useful Weight 36,500 lbs 16,556 kg
Payload with Full Fuel 1,800 lbs 816 kg

More about the Gulfstream GV

The Gulfstream V was the original champion of the ultra-long-range private jet category. The model took its first flight in 1995 and was subsequently certified in 1997. At the time of its arrival, it was the longest range business jet ever created. Even today, its most notable strength is its virtually limitless range, able to fly anywhere in the world with a high passenger capacity. Besides its exceptional intercontinental range, it is also one of the most trusted business jets in the world, offering impressive performance capabilities and a flight history with countless years of flight time. Although it has an astounding maximum range of 6,425 nautical miles, it may be even more impressive that it can still fly 5,416 nautical miles with its maximum payload of 6,600 lbs. And beyond its excellent performance capabilities, the Gulfstream V is also one of the most reliable aircraft on the planet. For those who are looking for ultra long range travel solutions, the GV is definitely one of the best on the market, encompassing both extreme utility and unrivaled luxury.

Production on the Gulfstream GV started in 1995 and ended in 2002.

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Key Features of the Gulfstream GV

The interior cabin of the GV has very generous dimensions with a noticeably spacious luxury environment. Its 50'1" cabin length and 6'1" cabin height provide ample freedom of movement and a definitively open interior atmosphere. The aircraft's extremely long length is typically utilized by being partitioned into three individual zones, though alternate configurations are possible. The passenger area is not the only section of the aircraft that features an abundance of space; the external baggage compartment can store up to 226 cubic feet providing ample room for additional luggage. The Gulfstream V features various amenities including but not limited to separate lavatories for passengers and crew, a hot-and-cold full-sized galley, power outlets, fold-out worktables, and multimedia entertainment systems. Despite the power of the GV's engine's, the cabin is noticeably quiet throughout its interior allowing for maximum relaxation or productivity. The cockpit is equipped with advanced Honeywell SPX-8500 suite avionics, making the inflight experience almost as comfortable for the operators as it is for the passengers.

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Capabilities of the Gulfstream GV

The Gulfstream V model is outfitted with two BMW/Rolls-Royce BR710-48 engines, which each provide 14,750 lbs of thrust. These provide the huge amount of power necessary for the GV to travel intercontinental distances at high speeds. It can climb to 37,000 feet in just eighteen minutes and is certified to fly as high as 51,000 feet. Consequently, it has the potential to avoid most air traffic and can travel at a cruising speed of up to 488 knots. The cabin is regulated by a computerized pressurization system, which allows it to maintain cabin comfort even at very high altitudes. The model is rated to 10.2 psi, maintaining sea level cabin pressure as high as 29,200 feet. The aircraft also has a variety of safety features and an excellent history of reliability. Safety instruments such as mechanical backup systems and anti-skid wheel brakes allow for peace of mind during long flights. In short, the GV is a very powerful ultra long range business jet that is capable of taking its passengers to any destination on the planet while ensuring maximum comfort, luxury, and space.

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