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Gulfstream G300 Private Jet Charter

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Gulfstream G300 Private Jet Charter Flights and Prices

Based on the G-IV, the Gulfstream G300 is one of the fastest, has one of the largest cabins, and has more baggage space than most others in its class.

The average hourly rental rate of the Gulfstream G300 is around 7,200 USD per hour.

Aircraft Size

Gulfstream G300 Exterior
Aircraft Size English Metric
Length 88.32 ft 26.92 m
Wing Span 77.82 ft 23.72 m
Height 24.41 ft 7.44 m
Bag. Capacity 169 ft³ 5 m³

Cabin Size

Gulfstream G300 Exterior
Cabin Size English Metric
Length 45.08 ft 13.74 m
Width 7.35 ft 2.24 m
Height 6.17 ft 1.88 m
Area 1,526 ft³ 43 m³

Aircraft Seats

Layout Seats
Max Seating 13
Typical Seating 13
Pilots 2

Average Prices

Purchase New - -
Purchase Used - -
Charter Rate 7,200 USD/hour 7,200 EUR/hour

Performance Specifications

Performance English Metric
IFR Range 3,600 nm 6,667 km
Cruise Speed 505 KTAS 935 km/h
Certified Ceiling 45,000 ft 13,716 m
Rate of Climb 4,122 ft/m 1,256 m/m
Takeoff Distance 5,450 ft 1,661 m
Landing Distance 3,190 ft 972 m
Max Takeoff Weight 72,000 lbs 32,659 kg
Max Landing Weight 66,000 lbs 29,937 kg
Useful Weight 23,000 lbs 10,433 kg
Payload with Full Fuel 2,500 lbs 1,134 kg

More about the Gulfstream G300

The Gulfstream Corporation announced the G300 in December of 2002 as the production for the GIV ended. This private business jet was designed to meet an emerging market, demanding a spacious stand-up cabin with generous aisle space and comfortable seating without the long range capability requirement. This led to the development of the large cabin mid range Gulfstream G300. The design of this private business jet is based on that of the GIV, featuring improvements in range, outfitting, and service and training. In addition to these enhancements, the Gulfstream G300 features an enclosed lavatory, the largest cabin in its class, and one-third more baggage capacity than the closest competitor.

Production on the Gulfstream G300 started in 2003 and ended in 2004.

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Key Features of the Gulfstream G300

The spacious cabin of the G300 measures 45.08 feet in length, reaches 6.17 feet in height, and stretches a maximum of 7.25 feet in width, allowing for a cabin volume of 1,525 cubic feet. The Gulfstream G300 is capable of accommodating a maximum of nineteen passengers, though is typically configured to seat thirteen to fourteen. This private business jet offers 169 cubic feet of baggage capacity, allowing plenty of storage for your luggage needs. With twelve Gulfstream signature windows surrounding the cabin and a 100% fresh air system, the G300 provides a comfortable atmosphere for your business venture.

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Capabilities of the Gulfstream G300

The Gulfstream G300 comes standard with two Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8 engines. With these engines, the Gulfstream G300 is capable of flying fourteen passengers from Chicago to London at an airspeed of 458 knots, or 0.8 Mach. The G300 needs 4,700 feet of runway to take off and requires 4,417 feet of runway to land. This large cabin mid-range private business jet features a maximum range of 3,600 nautical miles. The Gulfstream G300 has a maximum certificated service ceiling of 45,000 feet and is capable of maintaining a climb rate of 3,805 feet per minute. In a long range cruise configuration, this private business jet travels at an airspeed of 446 knots. For a swifter flight, the Gulfstream G300 is capable of travelling at an airspeed of 498 knots in a high-speed cruise configuration.

The avionics system selected for the Gulfstream G300 is the Honeywell SPZ-8400 Integrated Avionics suite with a six tube electronic flight instrument system (EFIS). Instruments available for this avionics package include dual Collins 442 distance measuring equipment (DME), triple Collins VHR-442B comms with dual Collins VIR-432 navs, a Honeywell Primus 880 weather radar, a Honeywell Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) II, a Fairchild FA-2100 cockpit voice recorder, a Fairchild FA-2100 flight data recorder, dual Collins 462 automatic direction finders (ADFs), dual Honeywell NZ-2000, dual Honeywell RT-300 radio altimeters, a Honeywell DL-950 data loader, an Artex 406MHz emergency locator transmitter (ELT) with navigation interface, triple Honeywell LaserRef inertial reference units (IRUs), dual Collins HF 9000 with selective calling (SELCAL) radio capability, Dual Collins TDR-94D with flight ID and enhanced surveillance capabilities, and a Honeywell heads up display (HUD).

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