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Frankfurt Main Airport Private Jet Charter

Frankfurt Main Airport Private Jet Charter Services

Paramount Business Jets offers private jet charter flights and luxury airliner charters to and from Frankfurt Main Airport.

Frankfurt, Germany, conjures up thoughts of an international city with a majestic skyline and some of the best beer in the world.

But, for most of those who charter private jets into Frankfurt am Main International Airport, the city is first and foremost the financial center of continental Europe.

Aerial View of Frankfurt Main International Airport

Aerial View of Frankfurt Main International Airport. Picture Source.

The city of Frankfurt am Main – its official name – is located on the Main River. It is home to the European Central Bank, the Deutsche Bundesbank and several other large banking institutions.

It is also the location of the Frankfurter Börse, Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Built in 1843, it is considered the 10th largest stock exchange in the world.

No matter the reason for visiting what has been affectionately nicknamed “the world’s smallest metropolis,” the easiest and most prestigious way to get there is to hire a private jet to Frankfurt Main International Airport.

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Airport Information for Frankfurt Main Airport (EDDF, FRA)

LOCATIONFrankfurt, Germany
Runway Length (ft) Width (ft) Surface Type Elevation (ft)
25R/07L 13123 197 ASP 364
25L/07R 13123 148 CON 364
36/18 13123 148 CON 364

Cockpit Landing - A380 at Frankfurt Main International Airport

What is the airport code for Frankfurt Main International Airport?

The ICAO code for Frankfurt Main is EDDF and its IATA code is FRA.

FBOs at Frankfurt Main International Airport

The General Aviation Terminal at EDDF is home to two fixed base operators, both of which are part of larger FBO networks. The GAT at Frankfurt Main International Airport is located on the south side of the airport, which is about seven miles from the center of Frankfurt.

FAS Frankfurt Aviation Service

German Aviation Service is a network of fixed base operators that handles private jets at Frankfurt Main International Airport as well as other airports in Germany, including Berlin Schönefeld, Berlin Tegel, Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt Egelsbach, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich.

FAS Frankfurt Aviation Service offers special flights and ground services, including:

  • Fully equipped crew and VIP lounges
  • Board-to-board VIP Service

BACF Business Aviation Center Frankfurt

BACF will take care of all required services for a crew and passengers at Frankfurt and organize your travel, get a landing permit, to other German airports if required. They coordinate handling services not only in Frankfurt, but also at all other German airports. That includes organizing:

  • Handling
  • Slots
  • Catering
  • Hotel bookings and transportation

BACF’s parent company, Kurz Aviation Service, is located at Stuttgart Airport.

Hire a private jet into EDDF

Frankfurt Main International Airport is not only the busiest commercial airport in Germany, the third busiest in Europe – behind London Heathrow Airport and Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport – and the 14th busiest in the world with 65 million passengers in 2017, it is also among the Top 50 busiest business aviation airports in the world.

Meanwhile, the country of Germany, with its more than 100,000 private jet movements a year, is the second biggest business aviation market in Europe (behind France) with a 14 percent market share. Germany has the most private jet registrations in Europe.

It’s interesting to note that most – more than 50 percent – of private jet activity in Germany is domestic, from one German airport to another. The country has more than 300 German airports that can accommodate private or chartered business jets.

Paramount Business Jets is among the brokers that can spare you the hassle of a commercial flight and arrange a chartered private jet to or from Frankfurt Main from other cities in Germany or elsewhere.

Germany’s stable and strong economy helps the country play an important role in the private jet industry.

Recognized as being one of three airports that took enormous leaps in private jet traffic between February 2017 and February 2018, Frankfurt moved into the Top 50 airports in the world for private and chartered business jets.

The allure of Frankfurt

Frankfurt has two personalities; it is the world’s smallest metropolis with a population of about 730,000 and Europe’s largest financial center.

European Central Bank in Frankfurt

European Central Bank in Frankfurt. Picture Source.

The city’s financial district draws thousands of foreigners to move to Frankfurt every year. More than a quarter of Frankfurt’s inhabitants were not born in Germany.

It is the place where business meets culture – and it is not unusual to walk down a street and hear many languages being spoken. It is liberal and multi-cultural.

As the headquarters of the European Central Bank and its location in the heart of Europe, Frankfurt is one of the most important cities in the world. It has become one of the most important hubs in the world for air, rail and motor vehicles.

In addition to its financial district, Frankfurt am Main has many other important business sectors, including information technology, biotechnology, automotive and pharmaceutical and chemical industries .

Charter a jet to a trade fair

Frankfurt am Main is a trade fair city. In fact, it may be where the business of trade shows began because fairs have been held in Frankfurt for more than 800 years.

Today, Messe Frankfurt, a government-owned event planner, is responsible for putting on trade shows and events in Frankfurt – and around the world.

Messe Frankfurt

Messe Frankfurt. Picture Source.

It is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018 but much has changed since that first Export Fair that was held in Frankfurt in October 1948. The autumn event, which was held annually, brought together buyers and sellers of just about anything and everything that could be bought and sold in Germany.

Modern trade shows have narrowed their focus.

Wolfgang Marzin, president of Messe Frankfurt, a market leader in the international trade fair sector, dubbed the dividing up of events according to product sectors as the “Frankfurt principle.” The success of that practice, which started in the 1920s, proved that product areas were able to support themselves.

Messe Frankfurt found that focusing on individual industry sectors has allowed it to organize on its exhibition grounds many new and independent trade fairs such as the ones on its current schedule.

Messe Frankfurt, which has some 2,400 employees in 30 locations, is owned by the City of Frankfurt (60 percent) and the State of Hesse (40 percent).

The city hosts more than 30 industrial expos and fairs that attract millions of people – many on private jets – every year. They include large automobile, music industry and publishing shows.

The “Frankfurter Buchmesse,” the Frankfurt Book Fair, which is held over five days every October, is the world’s largest trade fair for books – both in terms of professionals and visitors.

In 2017, more than 7,000 book publishers, technology companies and multimedia representatives from more than 100 countries – as well as almost 300,000 visitors – attended the event.


Frankfurt Skyline

Frankfurt Skyline. Picture Source.

Fourteen of the 15 tallest building in Germany are in Frankfurt. (The other on is the Post Tower in Bonn.)

The tallest of these is the 853-foot Commerzbank tower. It was built in 1997.

Frankfurt’s cluster of high-rise buildings give it an impressive skyline that is unlike any other in Europe. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as Mainhattan, a portmanteau of New York’s Manhattan and Frankfurt’s Main River.

Frankfurt shares another of New York City’s traits. It has an inner-city forest. New York has Central Park and Frankfurt, one of the most densely populated cities in Germany, has the Stadtwald or “city forest.” Some 15 square miles, more than half its total area, are located in the city limits, making it one of the world’s largest urban forests.

More to Frankfurt than business

If you aren’t renting a private jet into FRA to do business in its financial district, maybe you are chartering a private jet into Frankfurt to see the beautiful city, ranked as one of the world’s most expensive – and best – places to live.

There is much to see in Frankfurt, including the “Museumsufer,” the area in which 11 museums line both banks of the Main River and dozens of others are located within walking distance on nearby streets.

If you go looking for the Frankfurter Börse, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, you’ll be greeted by two bronze statues of a bull and a bear, symbols of the up and down of the market.

Now, about those hot dogs

Frankfurter has become the generic name for those long, thin, traditionally pork, smoked sausages. In Germany, they are served much as they are here, with bread, mustard and sometimes potato salad.

However, if you mean the frankfurters from Frankfurt, those are called “Frankfurter Würstchen.” Butchers outside the Frankfurt region have to call their hotdogs “Nach Frankfurter Art,” which means like a frankfurter, but not an original.

However, purists contend the frankfurter began in Vienna, the birthplace of the Vienna sausage and the city whose name would be morphed into the word “wiener.”

FBOs and Handlers at Frankfurt Main Airport, EDDF, FRA

Frankfurt Aviation Service  FRANKFURT AIRPORT  (496) 969-0399   
Fraport Exec Avia Svcs  BVD-OP 5  (496) 969-1719   
Feras Germany Gmbh  AIRPORT FRANKFURT - GAT  (496) 969-2568   
Signature Flight Support    +49 6969026206   
Fas Frankfurt Aviation Service (Fbo)  Main Terminal information desk
+49 69 6380 9620   
Bac Frankfurt    +49 69 690 29534   
Bac Frankfurt    +49 69 690 29534   
Ahs Executive    +49 69 690 
Acciona Airport Services Frankfurt     +49 69 690 24964 

METAR Weather Data at Frankfurt Main Airport, EDDF, FRA

OBSERVEDWed Aug 17, 10:50 UTC
NOWWed Aug 17, 11:03 UTC
AGE13 min ago
WINDSW at 3 mph
CONDITIONSnearby showers
METAREDDF 171050Z AUTO 22003KT 170V280 9999 VCSH FEW///TCU 24/15 Q1011

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