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VIP Airliners
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VIP Airliner Charter

VIP Airliner
16 - 50
Range (nm)
3,800 - 6,100
Hourly Rate
$16,000 - $23,000

Popular VIP Airliners

Name Typical Seating Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Cabin Height (ft)
Airbus ACJ318 19 4,200 485 7.40
Airbus ACJ319 19 6,100 459 7.38
Airbus ACJ320 19 4,950 485 7.33
Boeing Business Jet 19 5,985 469 7.09
Boeing Business Jet 2 24 4,750 470 7.00
Boeing Business Jet 3 24 4,225 470 7.00
Lineage 1000 14 4,500 470 6.56
Boeing 777-200LR VIP 10,000 550 7.22

Paramount Business Jets offers the ultimate in convenience, luxury, and comfort with VIP airliners. With airliners such as Boeing VIP jet available to our clients, you will receive an unparalleled array of choice for in-flight comfort, amenities, and more. Your super-large, home-in-the-sky aircraft can carry anywhere from 15-30 passengers, depending on the interior configuration. They also have ample room for luggage, oversized items, and limited cargo space.

Comparable to most airliner charter aircraft, VIP airliners can cover routes not able to be covered by their smaller counterparts. They are also frequently used for long-haul and international flights. VIP airliners are not designed for shorter journeys, as their operating costs are considerably higher. Conveniences such as cabin attendants, sleeper beds, cabins, private suites, and showers are but a few of the luxuries these incredibly aircraft have to offer.

A VIP airliner is like a flying palace; everything you could ever need while in the air is right at your fingertips. Though these planes are not the ideal choice for shorter flights, they can accommodate much longer distances. Typical routes include New York to Dubai, Atlanta to London, and Paris to Istanbul.

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About VIP Airliners

Highest Levels of Safety, Service, and Comfort

Highest Levels of Safety, Service and Comfort

Luxury, business, corporate, and urgent or time-sensitive airliner charters often require large aircraft with long-range capabilities. Unfortunately, small business jets and turboprop aircraft are unable to meet the needs of these unique itineraries. Therefore, airliner aircraft are typically utilized for these highly specialized charters.

In addition to extended range and higher passenger capacities, luxury airliner aircraft are available in a variety of different variants. The VIP airliner charter is available in a variety of different options, such as business class configuration with a few executive seats, to luxury executive versions with few seats, but numerous luxury amenities. These versatile aircraft enable clients to undertake extensive tours in complete comfort, security, and privacy.

Furthermore, most airliner aircraft are outfitted with state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment, such as fax machines, telephones, and internet access to enhance in-flight business productivity. Most luxury airliners also include cabin service with hot meals, hot beverages, and a bar. A wide range of entertainment options is also included on all airliner flights, such as video and DVD systems for in-flight entertainment. Some larger aircraft are even fitted with “staterooms,” which include beds and showers.

Due to the layout of these airliners, they allow meetings to continue during flight, and the aircraft can also be used as a conference facility for presentations and press conferences at each destination visited. Alternatively, if a large number of passengers are traveling, they can be configured to enable a larger group to accomplish a long-range trip within a short period and rest comfortably en-route. Our unique and extensive worldwide network of approved airlines, airliner operators, and aircraft ensures that you and your passengers experience only the highest levels of safety, service, and comfort aboard any airliner charter flight with us.

Custom Inflight Catering and Services

Epicurean Gourmet In-flight Catering Services

Led by our Flight Safety Manager, every flight undergoes multiple safety checks requiring the operator, aircraft, and crew to meet the most stringent safety standards in the industry. Your personal flight advisor and concierge team will be with you every step of the way from inception to touch-down. Your team will ensure all your needs and expectations are personalized and exceeded.

Every detail of your flight is tailored to you, including in-flight gourmet catering, in-flight entertainment, elite ground transportation, pre-flight and post-flight experience, red carpet, and expedited boarding and arriving at the closest airport to your destination. For multi-leg flights and large group charters, a member of our VIP Concierge Team will arrive ahead of time at the airport and may fly with the group to ensure the most comfortable and superior experience.

With over a decade of air charter experience and over 100 years of combined aviation experience, you can be sure you are in good hands. We will go the extra mile to ensure your success at every turn.

Sample Airliners

When you are interested in renting a VIP airliner charter from Paramount Business Jets, we offer flights on a variety of different aircraft. All of our VIP airliners provide convenience, comfort, and luxury. These planes are equipped to fly extended routes not suitable for smaller aircraft. Their operating costs are also much higher, so shorter routes are not cost-effective for pilots or travelers.

VIP airliners are known for their comfort and extensive accommodations. We offer flights on some of the most popular planes, such as Boeing, Airbus, and Lineage. If you are interested in booking a VIP flight through Paramount Business Jets, contact us today by calling +1-877-727-2538.


Airbus is a leading aircraft manufacturer that focuses on developing the most efficient, technologically savvy planes. When you choose an Airbus for your private flight, you will experience a smooth ride from start to finish. They feature spacious lounging areas that can easily transition into an office or bedroom. Their state-of-the-art environmental control also ensures your flight is peaceful and quiet. At Paramount Business Jets, you can choose from the Airbus ACJ318, ACJ319, and ACJ320 for your VIP flights.

Boeing Business Jet

The Boeing Business Jet line offers the best of private travel. These planes have unique characteristics that provide larger spaces, incredible reliability and support worldwide. If you are looking for a flight that offers the same amenities you would have on the ground, you want to fly Boeing VIP. The Boeing jets offer space, bedrooms, showers, dining facilities, entertainment, and so much more. Flying with this airliner is like flying in your own personal hotel.


The Embraer Lineage 1000 private jet can comfortably seat 13-19 passengers and comes equipped with Wi-Fi internet access, three lavatories, and a stand-up shower. This plane is capable of flying business and leisure travelers all over the globe without marking any compromises. The Lineage 1000 is also one of the more affordable business jets available, making it the perfect option for budget-conscious fliers who want identical accommodations to what they would have on the ground.

View all of the airliners we have available to our customers below:

Why People Fly VIP

There is nothing like traveling on a spacious, private, VIP airliner. People choose VIP flights for a variety of reasons, from business to personal. With all of the luxuries and amenities available on VIP flights, you will forget you are even in the air! Not only can these planes accommodate everything you could think of, but they are also designed with the most advanced engineering techniques. This includes an improvement in sound-proofing, range, and infrastructure.

Booking a VIP jet is becoming much more common. Though it may still seem over the top to some, many people fly private for its exceptional accommodations, which creates a low-stress trip. Below are just some of the reasons people may book a VIP airliner charter with Paramount Business Jets.

Major Events

Flying VIP is perfect for a group attending a major event, such as the Olympics or World Cup. With the speed and comfort available to you on a private flight, you can reach your destination in record time. When you fly VIP with Paramount Business Jets, you will have access to all of the amenities you need to stay comfortable in the air. From spacious seating areas to a full kitchen and bar, a private flight to your event will help you and your group stay relaxed and excited for your destination.

Sports Teams

These airliners are perfect for transporting sports teams to major tournaments. A private flight can ensure athletes are prepared for a major game. With VIP flights, sports teams have space to relax and unwind before their tournament. Catering can also be customized to fit the nutritional requirements of each player to ensure they are fueled for the challenge ahead.

Destination Weddings

Flying on a VIP charter can be the perfect way to start a wedding extravaganza. Get the party started early when you and your wedding party travel to your destination in style. A VIP flight can ensure the space and privacy necessary to kick off your destination wedding with your best friends and family. Whether you’re getting married in Paris or on a remote island, enjoy a comfortable and customized trip to your big day.

Corporate Groups

Whether your entire company is traveling to a convention or you are taking a select team to conduct an international sale, VIP airliners are the ultimate in business accommodations. Conduct meetings and business as usual while in the air, so you and your employees never miss a lead while in transit. There is also ample lounge space for everyone to relax and prepare their sales pitch or presentations before arriving.

Benefits of Chartering VIP Airliners

Flying on VIP airliners has become increasingly popular, as they boast luxurious interiors, high-levels of comfort, large baggage capacity, and spacious interiors. Business professionals can take their meetings to the sky as their team travels to their next conference or significant acquisition. If you need to travel and want the highest level of comfort available to you, VIP jet charter is the way to go.

Private VIP charters provide access to a variety of airlines. This means you can depart from the closest airport to you, even a small one, and arrive as close to your destination as possible. The security protocols are also incredibly streamlined, ensuring a smooth process for arrival, boarding, and departure.

Your entertainment choices are near limitless on a VIP airliner charter. Sit back and relax with your favorite movie or binge-watch the latest show with no interruptions while you travel. You can also connect to in-flight wireless internet so you can stay in touch with friends and family or get some work done. Most private jets include cushy leather seating, an abundance of personal space, power outlets, and so much more.

Book With Paramount Business Jets Today

When you book your VIP flight with Paramount Business Jets, you will experience world-class service from start to finish. We offer a variety of tools to help you find the best price and aircraft for your needs.

Since 2005, we have offered private jet flights around the world. No matter what time you need to depart or arrive, or what size aircraft you need, our team will ensure you receive the exact plane and flight plan necessary for your trip. We deliver only the highest standards of safety, quality, and reliability to all who fly with us.

When it comes to aviation, pilots, and airline experience, there is no team more qualified than ours. Only the top 10% of all aircraft operators qualify for our network, and we ensure our partners share our dedication to safety and excellence.

Our customer service team is top-notch and will provide incredible white-glove service. From gourmet cuisine to concierge service, we will cater every detail of your flight to your exact needs. We will keep you updated every step of the way, so you know exactly where you are going and how much you are paying for every part of the trip.

When you are looking to fly VIP, choose Paramount Business Jets. Our company is dedicated to ensuring your private flight experience is the best you could possibly have. We also offer a variety of options, so you do not have to be a millionaire to enjoy the luxury of planes such as an Airbus or a Boeing VIP jet.

If you are interested in booking a VIP airliner charter, reach out to us today at +1-877-727-2538 to start the process. We are also more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your flight, our services, or our aircraft. We look forward to providing the best trip you will ever have!

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